CMF Buds Review, Price, specs and more

CMF Buds Review

It’s challenging to criticize the CMF By Nothing Buds given their affordable price point, even though they don’t exactly stand out. While core features like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) might be somewhat underwhelming, the decent battery life and dual-device connectivity provide significant benefits.

The CMF By Nothing Buds offer remarkable value for their price. Priced at just $39 / £39, it’s unrealistic to expect top-notch features like exceptional sound quality and advanced ANC, considering their budget-friendly nature. However, there’s a certain charm to the CMF By Nothing Buds, thanks to their minimalist yet attractive design, which extends to their usability.

CMF Buds Specifications:

Active Noise CancellationYes
Battery lifeUp to 35.5 hours via charging case
Weight4g each
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3
CMF Buds Review

These specifications provide an overview of the key features of the CMF By Nothing Buds.

While they may not compete with the best wireless earbuds on the market, there’s a temptation to consider them among budget options. The sound quality of the CMF By Nothing Buds is decent, if not outstanding. There’s clarity in the sound, but the bass is somewhat weak and subdued. They’re suitable for casual listening on the go, although they may not provide an immersive experience.

Similarly, the ANC feature focuses more on reducing background noise rather than offering proactive noise cancellation, but it’s still better than having none at all. It’s commendable that the CMF By Nothing Buds even attempt ANC at this price point. Additionally, there’s app support, although it can be a bit temperamental.

Dual-device connectivity and reasonable battery life make the CMF By Nothing Buds a solid choice for budget-conscious consumers, even if they may not be the ideal long-term option. Considering their price tag of under $50 / £50, they offer good value, although investing more in premium noise-canceling earbuds would be preferable in an ideal scenario.

CMF Buds Review: Price and Release Date

  • Released in March 2024
  • Official price: $39 / £39

The CMF By Nothing Buds were launched in March 2024, priced at $39 in the US and £39 in the UK. Online purchases are directed exclusively to Amazon via the Nothing website, while UK customers have the option to visit the Nothing store in London.

The earbuds are available in orange, dark gray, and light gray colors. The orange variant, being the most eye-catching, is already proving to be the most popular. This is a nice departure from the typical black or white options offered by most budget wireless earbuds.

The primary competitor in this price range is the JLab Go Air Pop, which is slightly cheaper but lacks ANC. For alternatives with better features, one would need to consider options like the Sony WF-C700N, although they come at a higher price. The budget wireless earbuds market is fairly limited at this price point.

CMF Buds Review: Features

  • 35.5 hours of battery life when ANC disabled
  • Dual-device connection

Surprisingly, the CMF By Nothing Buds cover all essential features despite their low price. They offer dual-device connectivity, ANC, and decent battery life. The companion app allows users to adjust settings such as the equalizer and ANC controls, although it may have some reliability issues.

The ANC performance is relatively poor, merely dampening surrounding noises without fully eliminating them. However, considering the price point, any attempt at noise cancellation is appreciated. The promised battery life of up to 35.5 hours seems accurate, and Bluetooth 5.3 ensures a stable connection.

CMF Buds Review: Sound Quality

The CMF By Nothing Buds’ audio quality is not their strongest point. While they don’t sound terrible, they offer a rather average listening experience. The sound lacks depth, and users may need to increase the volume to enjoy their music fully. However, they perform better for listening to podcasts, with clear voice reproduction.

The ANC feature is not very effective, and the soundstage feels narrow, failing to provide an immersive experience. Even with the ultra-bass setting enabled, certain tracks may not sound as impactful.

CMF Buds Review: Design

The case of the CMF By Nothing Buds stands out for its sleek design. It features a unique angular yet smooth design, adding a touch of elegance to your desk. While it does not support wireless charging, its lightweight and compact design make it convenient for storage. The earbuds themselves fit comfortably in the ears, with included silicone ear tips for customization.

Each earbud features touch-sensitive controls for functions like skipping tracks and answering calls, which work well. However, they’re not overly sensitive, reducing the likelihood of accidental activation.

In conclusion, the CMF By Nothing Buds may not excel in any particular aspect, but they offer ANC at an incredibly low price. In an ideal scenario, investing more in premium earbuds with better ANC capabilities would be preferable.

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